Concrete Reinforcement Fibers

Steel and polypropylene fiber reinforcement offers the best solution for both regular and jointless floors. Unlike traditional mesh or rebar, fibers provide a consistent, active reinforcement of the concrete slab. Fibers offer optimal load bearing, superior crack control, high fatigue resistance and excellent impact resistance. Moreover, steel and poly fibers also allow you to build faster and more cost-efficient.

Four reasons to have all future floors with fibers

Optimal load bearing
Superior crack control
High fatigue resistance
High impact resistance

We work in a strict collaboration and exclusive partnership with FIBROCEV – a leading Italian manufacturer of a range of steel and polypropylene concrete reinforcement fibers that has been engineered to meet specific requirements of various concrete floor types. From standard indoor industrial floors and hard standings to heavy-duty pavements, the fibers offer an easy to handle, hassle-free, and safe alternative to mesh or rebar.

We support the inquiries of our clients with technical analysis from our engineers to ensure best results and cost efficiency.

In comparison to many other brands, our fibers do not result in hooked ends, do not cause balling and have higher ductility.

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